A taste of things to come

As many of you know I got COVID-19 at the start of August. While this wasn’t great it and set us back in a lot of ways, it also gave me an opportunity to try a few things out for the second edition for City of the Big Shoulders. We’ve been trying to find a way to introduce new goodies to the game that aren’t necessarily enough for a full new expansion but as a way to reward our backers and supporters who upgrade to the new edition or support us in the second printing of the game.

Today we are releasing the prototype for the Advanced Supply Chain variant of the game.

Supply chain too random for ya, huh? Money not tight enough for ya, huh? Well, okay then. You asked for it.

So how does it work?

This is a static supply chain for City of the Big Shoulders. It still relies on a bag draw, however it is a much more stable resources market. Here are the rule changes:


Place this board over top the existing supply chain at the top of the game board. During setup draw 2 of each resource from the bag and place them on Haymarket Square as you usually would. Also place 9 Livestock, 8 Steel, 7 Coal, and 6 Wood on the darkened spaces of this track.


When using a building that supplies resources from Haymarket Square, first attempt to gain the resources from Haymarket Square. If they are not available from Haymarket Square, your company may gain the least-expensive matching resource from the Supply Chain at no cost.


During the operating phase, you may purchase any combination of resources you wish that are available. The price for the resource is listed at the top of the column from where the resource was taken.

At the end of your company’s turn you are going to draw some number of resources from the bag and place them in the highest valued empty columns on their respective rows. To determine the number of resources look for the left most column that is completely empty, then look to the solid line at the immediate left of that empty column. For example if all the cubes from the left most $20 column is empty, you would draw 4 cubes from the bag to refill the supply chain at the end of your turn. If only the right-most $10 column is empty you would only draw 2 cubes.

If there is no space on the Supply Chain for the resource drawn, it goes back in the bag and you DO NOT draw to replace it.

When spending resources to produce goods, they return to Haymarket Square as usual.

When the bag of resources is empty, remove all the resources from Haymarket Square to refill the bag. DO NOT seed Haymarket Square with 2 resources of each type.

One last thing, this will significantly tighten the money in the game, so it’s intended for advanced play.

Happy gaming!
<3 Raymond
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  1. I am really looking forward to the reprint. I recently played a friends copy of the game and really enjoyed it. What is your ETA for the Kickstarter?

    1. Hey Craig,

      We aren’t ready to make an announcement yet. We are prepping the KS now.


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