Games Are What We Love

As hobbyist boardgamers we love finding and playing a great game. We believe in the art of a good story, the care of building an exciting theme, and the precision of great mechanics coming together for an invaluable experience. TableTop gaming is our passion and we want nothing more than to share our joy in creating really great games with the world.

News and Events

2020 Wrap Up

This year has brought a lot of changes to the world but at Parallel a lot of things haven’t changed. Being in lockdown and avoiding

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Carnegie, a great euro game by Xavier Georges and @quinedgames is on Kickstarter now, check it out!


There is no place for sexism or misogyny in our hobby. The comments from Jeff DeBoer towards our good friend @Boardgame_girl1 are unconscionable and gross. For this reason we will not be doing business with Funagain Games for any future KS campaigns.

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