2020 Wrap Up

This year has brought a lot of changes to the world but at Parallel a lot of things haven’t changed. Being in lockdown and avoiding a global pandemic is not only critical to the health and safety of the country, but it’s also very draining.  We’ve been working hard on getting the second edition Kickstarter prepped and ready to launch, however work, family, holidays, and health have taken more focus than we’ve intended in the last two quarters of the year.

The great thing about making board games, are that it’s fun, and exciting, as well as more than a little time-consuming. As a two-person operation, we divide and conquer as best we can, working hard to take baby steps toward bigger picture goals on new and current projects. This fall, however, our time has been very limited and some unexpected stressors have hindered progress.

In early Fall Raymond and I both went through some life and health changes. My husband and I, bought our first house. We’re thrilled to own our own home but a slew of major plumbing, roofing, and insulation issues have caused us not only delays on moving and settling in but a great deal of stress as well as. (Cross your fingers we’ve discovered the worst of the issues.) Meanwhile, around the same time as we purchased our home, Raymond contracted COVID-19 and was out of commission for several weeks. Raymond has recovered and is doing much better now, but progress has been slow for the both of us getting back into the swing of making games.

With the new year, we’re feeling better about getting the second edition Kickstarter up, however things are still going slower than we’d like. We’re excited to see the game reprinted and we’re hopeful that another season or two of mindfulness, social distancing, along with the COVID vaccine will bring the world a lot closer to normal.

We’ve got some big things planned and we’re excited to dive into new projects with Nemo’s Island and Astrolabe. While our timelines have shifted, our plans have not. We’re still taking steps toward getting our 2020/2021 projects off the ground. We still love creating and playing games and we can’t wait to play something new with you in the coming year.

Thank you for your patience and support as we find our feet. Have a wonderful New Year.

💜 Emily

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